Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Recipe for The Old Punchbowl Christmas cocktail


Recipe for The Old Punchbowl Christmas cocktail

This warm mixed drink was a hit during the cold winter months and is easy to make once the preparation is done.

You will need for ten drinks

1 Litre Pressed Apple Juice
Mulled Wine Spice
10 Star Anise
10 Cinnamon Sticks
2 Cloves
Rum or Gin

1 - Prepare the infused apple juice

Add the 2 cloves and the mulled wine spice to the litre of pressed apple juice and heat slowly until the juice is thoroughly infused. This should take about ten to fifteen minutes. Use the same amount of spice that would be used on a full bottle of wine.

Strain out the cloves and spice and then refrigerate. The infused juice will keep as long as any regular juice.

2 - Making the cocktail

 2 parts of juice

 1 part Golden Rum

 1 Star Anise pod

Mix together then heat till warm. 30 seconds in a microwave should do it.

Serve in a brandy glass while still warm with a cinnamon stick on the side.

3 - Variations

Making the Christmas cocktail with Rum gives a wonderfully rich warming flavour but if you swap out the Rum for a good Gin ie Hendricks the flavour profile changes completely, creating a delicious  tartness reminiscent of fresh Granny Smith apples.