Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The Burglar Who Counted The Spoons - Lawrence Block
Rating: 10 spoons out of 13

 Bernie Rhodenbarr is back after a ten year absence and up to his usual tricks once again. In a fast moving, comedy crime caper Bernie has to deal with a mystery involving an obsessive button collector, a dead body, a agoraphobe who never leaves his apartment, a rare and valuable set of silver spoons and some very attractive young women with rather questionable morals.
The novel has plenty of sidebar passages where the characters discuss life, love, books, etcera but this doesn't distract from the plot but rather adds to the books charm and readability. The plot itself - no spoilers - it zips along at a good pace and it isn't anything too deep. The denouement is another satisfying Bernie Rhodenbarr/Nero Wolfe set piece.

"I suppose your wondering why I gathered you all here..."

Overall the 'Spoons' is a worthy addition to the Bernie Rhodenbarr series. I just hope it isn't ten years until the next one.

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